This year our core focus has been to reduce the impact we have on our planet. We have been looking at ways to become more sustainable, with an aim to provide activewear that is not only kind to your body but kind to the environment too. 
Recycled Polyester Fabric
One of the most effective ways we can have a positive impact on the planet is to choose fabrics that are sustainable. With a focus on including sustainable materials in our ranges , we have launched activewear sets made from recycled polyester. Our recycled polyester comes from a certified and accredited facility – guaranteeing that the fabric used has come from a post-consumer recycled source. 

To make recycled polyester fabric, plastic PET containers are broken into flakes, where they are then melted and made into shaped pellets. The pellets are then melted and extruded (think being squeezed through a shower head) to make fibre. The fibre is then crimped, cut, drawn , stretched and baled, where it is processed into yarn then to fabric.

Our commitment is to continue to create activewear sets made from post – consumer waste, saving water, energy and reducing carbon emissions.

Organic Cotton
    At the end of 2020 we will be launching tees made from a blend of organic cotton. Organic cotton is free from synthetic chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides which have substantial risks to the ecosystem . The organic cotton used in our tees are grown without the use of these chemicals and to global standards of organic cotton farming.
    In addition to fabric-based improvements, we are looking at improving our packaging. In full support of the Australia government’s 2025 National Packaging Targets (all packaging is to become recyclable, reusable or compostable by 2025), we have taken the first step of adding the ARL (Australasian Recycle Logos) onto our packaging, highlighting how to dispose of the packaging correctly. Keep an eye out for the little recycling logos on our packaging on your next purchase.

    We have also reduced the size of our polybag, changing from one single sized to two smaller ones. This has resulted in an overall reduction of 43% plastic on the smaller sizes (that your leggings and crops come in) and a 17% reduction on for all other styles.

    Care instructions
    We have designed our products to be washed in a way which reduces your impact on the environment. Please follow the care instructions on you B.O.D garments, as washing them in cold water and line drying is not only better for the environment by reducing your carbon emissions and water used, it will make your B.O.D goodies last longer.
    Ethical sourcing
    All garments within our range are carefully crafted by our partnered suppliers. All of our suppliers undergo rigorous ethical auditing to ensure that they operate within the fundamental human rights highlighted in the Ethical Trading Initiatives Base Code, along with other ethical and environmental considerations. 

    This is just the beginning. We are continuing our journey to producing conscious activewear that embodies the values of sustainability, ethical sourcing and protection of the planet.



    September 28, 2020 — Digital IT
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