We were lucky enough to hear from Chris van Hoof - General Manager at Eden Health Retreat and get to know the philosophy behind Eden and what makes it so special.

Eden Health Retreat is Australia’s longest-running, and the first-established retreat: we’re 36 years young!


We are about taking time out and detoxing from stress, digital demands and nutritional crutches, such as coffee and sugar. If possible, we encourage guests to devote six full days to their health journey. However, here are our top at-home tips for detoxing your mind and body if you can’t make our retreat, or for keeping up the good work once you’ve left.

Slow down
Speed doesn’t necessarily denote urgency. Take the time to slow down, put your phone in a cupboard if you can and let your mind relax.

Focus on what you can control
Try not to waste time and energy on areas of your life you can’t have an impact.

Clarify your goals
Prioritise activities that are in line with your goals. Focus your energy and time on choices that are serving your wellbeing.

Get moving
Moving your body will create flow and oxygenation, increase energy levels. A good bit of fresh air also livens up the system.

Stay Hydrated
Simple yes; easy….. not so much. When your body is dehydrated, everything is under pressure. Drink water in between all meals, and in small amounts regularly throughout the day.


If you can join us at Eden you will be treated to an amazing staff, tasty food and an outstandingly successful programme. Although, location is the real star of the show, our property is situated in the stunning Currumbin Valley, on the Queensland and New South Wales border. This location allows our guests to spend time in nature, nurturing their soul, working alongside our skilled therapists and retreat team, who are in the unique position to guide our guests along their journey. Guest stay in beautiful refurbished cabins connected to luxurious treatment rooms and a gymnasium to suit our guests’ goals.

Eden Health Retreat




Our daily menu, which focuses on optimal nutrition, ensures that our guests don’t go hungry, and instead, teaches them that good food can taste amazing, AND be filling.

We also know that the reason Eden is so successful is due to the group dynamic that evolves throughout the week: we call it the “people experience.” Alongside your fellow guests, who are in the same situation as you, you get in touch with nature, yourself, your thoughts and your emotions.

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February 13, 2020 — Digital IT