How do you find the right balance between working full time and motherhood?

It’s a challenge I won’t lie...! But I’m tuning in to my body every day through breath work, meditation and self-love. When I take the time to nourish my mind and body before any other commitments, I notice I am calmer and more connected, which gives me the ability to make decisions from my soul as opposed to a stressed state. I love walking our dog, meditating, taking a bath and relaxing on the couch without thinking about any plans.

Did your relationship with fitness change after you had children?

It was more about working out a schedule which could be tailored to fit in with the changes of a growing family. I love to include my children, Violet and Dom. We love to go to the park or a big outdoor space and I can utilise the area to get my movement in. Dom comes with me most days on my walk with our dog Simba; Dom in the pram and me hitting the path. I also use my home – it’s amazing what you can do with items and furniture around the home!

What's the best advice you've been given as a Mum?

My Dad actually said to me once when Violet was born, “If you can get just one thing done during the day with a baby, you’re doing a good job”. I have always remembered this. We put so much pressure on ourselves to achieve and accomplish, I think it’s more important than ever to slow down and remind ourselves that the real beauty lies in simplicity.

What did you learn from your own mother about being a parent?

Mum would take off her last pair of shoes for a stranger if they needed them.
I saw Mum show so much kindness throughout my childhood to those around
her and to me. This will stick with me my entire life and I will always be
grateful for the sacrifices she made to allow us to enjoy growing up.

Can you describe what your ideal Mother's Day would be?

Spending time outside either at the park or on the beach with the kids, eating
at our favourite café and watching a movie on the couch at night!


What's your go-to outfit when you are spending time with family?

Something with comfort and ease. Activewear is always my go-to and usually the 
first item I pull from my second drawer in the morning. At the moment my favourite 
leggings and crop are the Linx set from my B.O.D by Finch range. The leggings are 
high waisted, supportive and the print is our feminine take on the animal vibe! I 
usually throw a tank over this with large arm holes to make it edgy.

September 12, 2019 — Brendan Santamaria
Tags: Rachael