Hi Lovelies

We are so excited about our latest Signature Range - active essentials that are not only good for you but have a lower impact on the environment too.

This year our core focus has been to reduce the impact we have on our planet. Our new Signature range is made from recycled polyester from post-consumer waste, which saves water, energy and reduces carbon emissions.

Core essentials that are kind on your body and the environment. The mantra behind this new collection.

More than a basic, these new pieces are your wardrobe staples, providing you with support and comfort for everyday activities. Move mindfully and round out your active wardrobe with these core essentials that will go with everything.

This new Signature collection is designed to offer supportive, comfortable and stylish pieces, aimed to get you from your 8am Pilates class to your Sunday morning brunch date.

Our Signature range offers core active essential that can easily transition into your active wardrobe. Focusing on foundational pieces that continue to help you build your most functional workout wardrobe.

Go green in our new sustainable Signature range.

September 07, 2020 — Digital IT
Tags: Rachael