Meditation has been the most transforming element to my wellness journey- allowing me to find a deep sense of fulfilment, gratitude, peace & patience with the world. I aim to sit for 20mins in the morning & afternoon each day. Note, I'm not a meditation teacher, but a health coach, yoga teacher & wellness nerd. I have been meditating for many years & thought I would do my best to give you an overview of my top tips.


I like to start each meditation with some type of breath work. It could be simply taking long, slow and deep inhalations & exhalations, or practicing alternate nostril breathing. This is where you close off one side of the nostril at a time to let air flow in and out. This is to help distribute equal amounts of oxygen to both sides of the brain & makes you feel super focused & ready to sit for a long period.  


It's important to ensure that your body is in a seated, upright position. There are mixed opinions about how exactly you should be sitting, but my teacher taught me that as long as your spine is straight, your head is not leaning back against anything & you're comfortable, that will set you up for a beautiful meditation.


After a few minutes of breath work I start by bringing my awareness into my body. I'm gently letting go of any tension I have, and simply feeling my body as it is on that particular day without judgement or criticism. Things I'm noticing - lungs expand & release, a slight breeze on my skin, the earth beneath my body. I aim to JUST BE & not force any feeling or sensation.


I use a mantra that was given to me from my teacher, Gary Gorrow. This is a sacred word that is only for you. Once I come into a state of awareness I repeat the mantra softly in my head over & over, until I eventually forget it & let it go. And yes, time & time again, thoughts will pop up. This is totally normal. I softly push the thought away.

February 20, 2020 — Digital IT
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