The way we set ourselves up for the day, then for a night of rest, is essential to be the best you. Here is my morning and evening routine.


6:00 am - Dom, my son, is usually my human alarm. I get him out of the cot, we snuggle then go downstairs. He may choose to wake later, in that case I start my routine without him.

6:15 am - Large glass of water with lemon & ACV. Sometimes I’ll have bee pollen. Sometimes I’ll have my Kissed Earth Cleanse. This depends on how I feel & what my body needs. Hydration is key.

6:20 am - Pop on some of my favourite BOD leggings, crop and tee and go outside in the fresh air to walk Simba & move my body. I swing my arms & do weird things to wake up my body. I might also throw on a BOD sweater depending on the weather, my go-to at the moment is the Club Sweat.

6:30 am - Meditation. 20 mins Vedic practice. This can be either in the park or on the couch at home while the family sleeps. If Dom is with me, I leave my meditation until a little later. (To learn more about my mediation journey visit RACHAEL’S HELPFUL TIPS TO MEDIATION).

7:00 am - Collagen coffee made with black coffee, almond milk, Kissed Earth Collagen, mushrooms & maca powder blended together.

7:30 am - Make kid’s brekkie, pack Violet’s school lunch & get the house ready to begin the day.  


5-6:00 pm - Dinner, no later than 6 if possible. I always try to have the majority of my plate full of veggies with a portion of protein and some good fats.

6.30 pm - Play time, always crazy but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

7:00 pm - Bath time. I love to diffuse calming essential oils like lavender or vetiver. I have a diffuser & it’s my little piece of heaven. I try to make this a wind down period. No technology, dimmed lights and very little noise.

7.30 pm - Kids into bed.

8:00 pm - Warm shower for Mama Bear followed by my skin care routine. I cleanse, use a serum and moisturise every night. As I have sensitive skin all my beauty products are light yet nourishing.  

8:30 pm - Finally, I crawl into bed and immerse myself in a few chapters of a book before lights out.  

9:00 pm - Night night.

February 25, 2020 — Digital IT
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