Finding Balance Between Career And Motherhood

“Getting up and loving what you do is one thing. But getting up and seeing my little one’s face in the morning. That’s my new purpose” – Kara

All it took was one moment. The moment when Kara’s son entered the world in September 2021, and her perspective on life instantly changed. Kara thought she had it all figured out. Good job, good salary, and beyond that, being able to wake up and love what you do. But after her son came into her life, she found a new sense of purpose – being present, being whole, and just showing up. Loving who she is and being proud of herself.

Kara has a background in law, currently working for the government in building disputes as a mediator. “Working as a lawyer, I’ve always put other people in the forefront,” she explains, but after having her son, she has now realised there’s more to life than just her career journey. There’s also the ‘motherhood’ journey and she’s on the path to navigate them both at the same time. “I’ve always loved my work and what I do. That was my purpose. But now this tiny person that has come along, and in such a short amount of time, has created such an impact. I’ve found a whole new meaning of love. My heart just continues to grow” Kara shares. “Waking up and seeing my little one smile, that gives me purpose to go throughout the day. We go for walks, we hang out, we have lunch together. That whole new meaning of life, getting out and appreciating the moment is what I’m living my authentic life. To me that’s really empowering.”

When asked how she plans to follow both paths at the same time, she replies, “do you want the honest truth? I’m still working that out. It’s all about balance and knowing when to switch off from work life. It’s about taking on that responsibility as a mum, as a wife, and to my family and friends as well as work commitments. I’m still navigating that. I’ve taken a year off on maternity leave so I’m embracing this new purpose of motherhood.”

Kara understands the difficulty many women face in ‘switching off’. “As women, we wear multiple hats. The mum, the wife, the carer, the cleaner, we wear so many different hats. It’s important as women that we give ourselves love. Self-care is really paramount. Find the time to step away. If you need 15 minutes to meditate, then just take the 15 minutes. Being self-aware is really important.”

Team BOD: What motivates you to be your best self?

Kara: I motivate myself! Having a purpose, going to work everyday in a field that has an impact on people’s lives, being able to make a difference in the world.

Team BOD: What’s your favourite thing to do wearing BOD?

Kara: Have a warm shower before bed and slip into my soft, comfy and beautiful BOD PJ’s. They make me feel so light and carefree!

Team BOD: If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?

Kara: Anywhere in the world that has clear water and a hammock between some palms – cocktail in hand!

About Kara

Kara lives in Melbourne, Victoria with her Husband and gorgeous son Beau.

"Being able to have a community such as Women in BOD is really beautiful because it enables women of all different nationalities and sizes to come together and intertwine and really create a sense of wholeness and purpose."