Finding The Strength To Make A Choice

“I’ve experienced a number of times in my life where I’ve had to
make the difficult choice to move on from things” - Lois

Growing up, Lois was always told that resilience and “hanging on” was a virtue. But Lois shares that her bravest moments were when she had to make a choice to leave something behind.

“I’ve experienced a number of times in my life where I’ve had to make the difficult choice to move on from things. A relationship that wasn’t working for me, despite what everyone around me said. A job that no longer fulfilled my inner passions. A place that I once loved, but no longer served my needs.” 

In each case, her initial reaction was to “not give up”, as she’d been taught in her childhood. But through self-awareness and practicing self-care, Lois began to see things differently. She chose to not see these situations as ‘giving up’, but to see it as a ‘choice’. It was only then that Lois was able to make the conscious choice of saying “no” and pursue a different path where she could better nurture herself and those around her.

“Measuring success and revisiting those goals later on helps me keep a holistic and personalised view of my success in life. It’s so important to define success for yourself - otherwise you might fall into the trap of trying to live someone else’s dream.”

Lois uses the ‘CRIPES’ method to measure success for herself. Each quarter she writes goals under each and gives herself a score based on how she felt she succeeded the previous quarter.

Career, Relationships, Intellectual Growth, Physical Health, Emotional Health, and Spirituality.

Team BOD: What motivates you to be your best self?

Lois: I love a good podcast or a quick read from Headway app. The ones on productivity really push me to seize the day. My favourite podcast is by Jay Shetty.

Team BOD: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Lois: Right here in Australia! I’ve done the research and I think it’s best here in terms of work opportunities, nature, friendly faces and weather.

Team BOD: What is your favourite thing to do when wearing BOD?

Lois: Doing a YouTube workout at home or going for a run around my neighbourhood.

About Lois

Lois lives in Melbourne and works as a Trading Specialist.

“I'm a really great cheerleader! I'm quick to see the good in others, and love highlighting it to them."