I Am Enough

“Through my journey I realised that when I started to really listen to my own energy, I did what was right for me, my body and my beautiful mind” - Jade

The day Jade met her two beautiful daughters, her life changed in moments. Little did she realize the extent of struggle and mental challenges that motherhood would come with.

Jade was the first out of her friendship group to have kids, so she felt quite lonely. She didn’t have a lot of family near her either. “I felt like it was all on ‘me’,” Jade reflects. “I struggled with sleep deprivation and post-natal depression.” She developed a fear, and felt scared to do it again when they talked about having a second child.

But Jade did not give up. She realized that she needed to work on herself to get through and achieve her goals. Through working out, meditation, journaling, Jade came to the point where she completely changed her lifestyle. She switched from a night owl to a morning person. She made small shifts to routine over time, which made a big impact. She found that she felt so much better for getting things done in the morning, and that it would set her up for a really good day.

As a result, she found herself in a much better headspace when she entered motherhood the second time around. She had more confidence. She realized that it was OK to ask for help, and that she didn’t have to be so independent all the time.

Once her youngest reached 12 months, she asked herself what was next on her journey. After some soul-searching, she realised she had fallen in love with that ‘feeling’ after doing a workout and wanted to help other people feel that too. “I began to see some huge growth personally, and I’ve never felt such a sense of purpose and responsibility of the need to bring movement and energy to not only my day, but to all those around me.” With this newfound purpose, she faced her next challenge full of positivity. She returned to study, and became fully certified as a personal trainer! All with the kids at home, and running her own version of homeschool through COVID lockdowns.  “Through my journey I realised that when I started to really listen to my own energy, I did what was right for me, my body and my beautiful mind.”

Team BOD: How do you measure success?

Jade: It’s all about growth, being able to grow and evolve. Growth is in moments, in movements. It’s in the small steps, commitment and consistency.

Team BOD: If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

Jade: Mind reading – I think I’m pretty sensitive to what other people are feeling and I would love to help them! 

Team BOD: What is your favourite thing to do when wearing BOD?

Jade: Getting that workout in, working on the legs. Legs are my favourite part to work on and then going to get that post workout coffee of course!

About Jade

Jade lives with her family in Geelong, VIC, and works as Personal Trainer.

“I absolutely love helping women find their own unique energy and guide them to make time to work on their health, fitness and mental health!”