Learning, Giving Back, And Helping Others

“Every mother deserves to have the most amazing post-partum experience. Happy mums, happy babies, happy community” - Micka

As a scientist, Micka spent many years researching and analysing areas of women’s health. “I can attest to the research”, Micka says, “eating nutritious homecooked food, moving every day, and making time for self-care is imperative to a happy, healthy and strong life.”

Micka has always loved studying and learning, “I completed a science degree at Monash University, then an honours year, then a PhD in biochemistry. In that field was breast cancer research, which I loved” she shares. “I spent years characterising a novel oncogene which is a gene that drives cancer that had not been characterised before. It was exciting research and it’s still ongoing, but so far that oncogene seems to be a great prognostic market for breast cancer that’s difficult to treat.” Micka then went on to Canada and worked at the University of Montreal in Female Infertility as a post-doctoral researcher, which she loved.

Micka’s research and career in science has always been centred around her passions, “I love learning, giving back, and helping others,” she reveals. After Montreal she came back to Melbourne pregnant, gave birth to her first daughter, and it became apparent that there was so much more she could give on the ground here at home. “No one tells you what it’s going to be like after you have a baby, and if you are supported in that journey, it makes a big difference,” Micka explains.

‘Fill Your Cup’ is Micka’s co-founded postpartum doula business where Micka, her partner Renee, and their team of doulas, nurture and nourish sleep deprived newborn mothers through ‘Enrichment, Education, and Empowerment’. Like B.O.D, their mission is to empower them to live happy, healthy, and strong lives. Micka’s concern is that “mums often put themselves last, which is not how it should be. Every mother deserves to have the most amazing post-partum experience. Happy mums, happy babies, happy community.”

“I didn’t plan on being a business woman, but I love it,” Micka shares excitedly, “Like the research, I love that I get to help others, but this is more immediate. I see the immediate benefits from going into their homes and enriching their bodies with nutrient rich food, educating them on fact – there is so much mis-information online. And empowering them to say ‘I’ve got this!’, each and everyday.”

Team BOD: Who/what motivates you to be your best self?

Micka: My children, I want to set the best example for them that I can. And seeing other people exercising and eating well (looking at you Rachael Finch!) 

Team BOD: If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

Micka: To freeze time and soak up the feelings and emotions of that moment. 

Team BOD: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Micka: Montreal

About Micka

Dr Micka Bertucci, PhD is a postpartum doula, cook and mother of two based in Melbourne, Victoria. For more information about her business, Fill Your Cup, or to contact Micka , please visit her website.