Turning Self-Doubt Into Confidence

“Because I didn’t really believe in myself, it was difficult to see the end goal. Especially through COVID, it was really hard to do my course remotely” - Krizelle

We’ve all been there. Times are tough, you don’t know how you’re going to get through, there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel. This was how Krizelle felt as she tried her best to study and do placements for her nursing degree in the middle of the pandemic. “Because I didn’t really believe in myself,” Krizelle explains, “it was difficult to see the end goal. Especially through COVID, it was really hard to do my course remotely.”

But Krizelle pushed through, and managed to turn her doubts into confidence. She realised that she wasn’t alone, and took comfort in knowing that there were people around her feeling exactly the same thing. She soon connected with them, and formed friendships where they encouraged each other to perform their best. Krizelle would also sit with herself in silence and think about the end goal that she was putting so much work into achieving, repeating mantras to herself like, “It will be so rewarding when I graduate”, “I believe in myself”, “I can do it”.

Krizelle also took journaling on and reflects that “it has helped a lot. Although sometimes I get tired of writing so I video myself and just talk. You can look back in a few weeks or months and see where you’ve come from. See how you were in that moment.” After investing more time into self-care, and changing her mindset, Krizelle found that things became easier. She started to see the light.

Upon finishing her placements Krizelle realized “Wow, I’ve done it. I’ve just achieved what I thought was impossible. It was such a great feeling, and it was so nice to have people around me who were also achieving the same goal.” When she found out she was able to graduate that’s when Krizelle realized all the hard work she’d put in had paid off.


- Go for a walk by yourself, at your own pace

- Light a candle

- Sleep, your body needs it!

- Be OK with saying 'no'

- Enjoy the moment

“It’s all the little things that count. I didn’t take self-care seriously until I was out of high school and struggling with university.”


Team BOD: What motivates you to be your best self?

Krizelle: My family play a huge part in helping me be a better version of myself each day. They always encourage me to keep trying, or help me overcome obstacles.

Team BOD: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Krizelle: I’ve always been intrigued by Switzerland. I don’t know why but I love cold weather – it seems so peaceful and I feel it’s my calling.

Team BOD: What is your favourite thing to do when wearing BOD?

Krizelle: Pilates or Zumba! Both require a lot of movement and the need to be able to move freely. BOD does this perfectly with their products while looking stylish.

About Krizelle

Krizelle lives with her family in Melbourne, and works as a support worker helping give back to her community.

In her spare time Krizelle loves baking and aspires to open a cafe in the her home land, the Phillipines. Specialising in intricate, yummy pastries.