My Tips for 2020



While I love going with the flow to allow for spontaneity, I do a hell of a lot of planning to ensure I stay on track, maintain motivation & achieve my goals. I thought I’d share what I do daily (when not on holidays) to get the most from my year!


At the start of every day I list 3 things that are top priority & need completing. Before starting work on anything else, I do them. These 3 things are usually related to the bigger goals I am working towards either personally or professionally. 


I make meditation a non-negotiable... it’s this that will give me the patience & mental strength to see the day through with grace & put 100% into my tasks.


This is essential for developing healthy habits & making them stick. I know that my mind & body thrives when it’s moving every day & consuming nutrient rich food. So every day I choose healthy options not because of how I want to look short term, but how I want to FEEL throughout my life.


In my calendar between work & kids I block out time for nothing (aka bliss). This is for me to recharge & allow for my creative juices to flow so I can actually give 100% when I get back to work. It’s THIS time for me that actually rebuilds my motivation to kick my goals!


These definitely pop up and are usually hormone related for me. To get out of bad moods I usually get outside for a long walk, swim, sit quietly & meditate or have a bath. The biggest thing I remind myself during this time is that IT WILL PASS. I try to be patient & not turn to junk food or negative self talk.

January 20, 2020 — Digital IT