November is always a busy time making it even harder to stay motivated to hit the gym or get out and move. Here are my tips on how to stay active, and motivated, during the busy period.


Trying a new and exciting routine can make working out something you actually want to do and prevent boredom. HIIT (high-intensity interval training) is a very effective style of training in limited time, it gets your heart rate up, boosts your metabolism and you’ll be burning fat even after your workout is finished. 

Making a commitment to meet a friend for a workout is a great way to actually follow through with your session and stay on track with your fitness. Statistics show that you are more likely to meet your goals when you train with a friend, and it’s a great way to mix up your workout by both suggesting activities to do. 

Let's face it; some days going to the gym just feels like too much effort. On these days, try exercising in your lounge room by selecting workouts or exercises that are couch or floor friendly. All workouts on my program are designed for exactly this, without the need for equipment. Select from HIIT sessions, yoga or stretch, and away you go .

Avoid feeling rundown by eating foods that are rich in immune boosting qualities, like vitamin C, zinc and iron. If you’re looking for quick, simple and tasty recipes visit www.bodybyfinch.com for some of my favourite winter dishes. Note – you don’t need to be a Master Chef to create award-winning dishes! 

Dedicating time to being ‘present’ and letting go of your thoughts can have powerful effects on your wellbeing. Meditation helps keep your internal clock calm, giving your mind and body a good chance to restore and repair. You’ll also notice a greater connection to your intuition and how your body is feeling on a deeper level 

November 07, 2019 — Digital IT
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