Women in BOD is a celebration of women and our journey through life. Through shared experiences, advice and stories, our goal is to bring together a community of women to support and inspire each other. Women empowering women to feel Happy, Healthy, and Strong.

To celebrate International Women’s Day, the B.O.D team brought a group of inspirational women together to share their stories and discuss the ‘real stuff'.

Meet the Women In B.O.D


“B.O.D is a wonderfully uplifting community of women, powerfully led by Rach, who shares their love of all kinds of movement to feel great about ourselves and what we can do”


"I love how B.O.D has a vision to empower women to feel happy, healthy & strong. Forever grateful for this community!"


“To me, B.O.D means ‘Bodies of Difference’. It’s about embracing all bodies small and big, and loving what you have. Women in B.O.D is more than just a phrase, it’s a bold statement inspiring and empowering women.


“B.O.D means feeling empowered, confident, strong and healthy, especially in my activewear. It’s clothes that make each individual shine and feel confident in their body whilst still looking stylish.”


“B.O.D is a brand that has formed a connected community which fosters awareness, empowerment, quality, and wellbeing.”


“B.O.D is a second skin. Our true selves are souls and our body is simply a vessel. Our clothing should make our bodies comfortable and also bring a spark to our soul.”


“B.O.D means comfort, active living, and being the best version of myself possible”


“B.O.D stands for stylish and quality pieces that I can wear all day; versatile and comfortable enough to not only wear while exercising, but also running errands and being mum to two little munchkins.”

The Women behind B.O.D.

Working with Rachael at B.O.D HQ are a team of apparel designers, garment technicians, marketing gurus and production managers.

As a team, we live and breathe B.O.D and everything the brand stands for - empowering women to feel happy, healthy, and strong.